Certified Used Rolex Watches – Reliable Dealers

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Used Rolex Watches
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Certified Used Rolex Watches – Reliable Dealers

Purchasing certified used Rolex watches is quite a practical decision: you enjoy a renowned brand name, impeccable quality, and reliability, and that too at a significantly logical price.

It’s also one of the smartest investments: a pre-owned Rolex rarely depreciates and fetches an attractive price in the secondary market.

If it’s a model that gets discontinued after your purchase, its value will likely increase rapidly.

However, buying in the secondary market can pose a serious problem: how do you figure out whether it’s real?

Fortunately, many online luxury watch marketplaces provide a convenient platform for purchasing certified used Rolex watches.

You won’t have to get your watch authenticated post-purchase from your local luxury watch retailer.

The platforms will offer you used Rolex watches with authentication certificates.

Let’s start by explaining how Rolex watches are certified so you can spot a real, pre-owned one immediately.

Next, you’ll be given a list of reputable luxury watch platforms from where you can purchase the model of your choice.

Certified Used Rolex Watches

Certification of Rolex Watches

After a Rolex is manufactured, it is tested by the company to ensure that its quality and functioning are perfect.

Its testing standards are much stricter than official watch testing authorities worldwide, ensuring that all timepieces live up to the superior brand’s image.


Superlative Chronometer Certification

After the timepiece passes these tests, Rolex awards it the Superlative Chronometer Certification.

If it’s an Oyster, it will have the words’ Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’ embossed on its dial.

When purchasing, check whether this certificate is included with your purchase.

COSC Certification

The Rolex is then sent to COSC for testing and certification.

The Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute only accepts those timepieces for testing that have been assembled and tested by the manufacturer exclusively in Switzerland and have been made from high-quality, authentic materials.

COSC examines the watch for 14-20 days in different positions and under various temperatures to ensure accuracy.

The highly specialized equipment, labs, and IT and monitoring systems ensure testing accuracy.

After a Rolex is certified by COSC, a unique serial and model number are engraved inside, and a certificate is issued with the numbers.

Most good retailers offer extensive customer support. You can ask them to verify whether the numbers match and whether the engraving quality is authentic in an online or in-person meeting.

Online Marketplaces for Certified Rolex Watches

Watchmaster is one of the giants in the luxury watch marketplace, offering you a vast collection of authentic used Rolex watches.

The brand is synonymous with high-security standards and excellent customer service.

Whether you need a new generation used Rolex for regular use or a collectors’ item from the antique or vintage range, you can find it at Watchmaster.

Certification Process

When Watchmaster acquires a watch, it is tested by professional in-house watchmakers in the domains of functionality and authenticity to certify that it is indeed an original timepiece and not a fake one.

It is serviced if necessary and is then listed on the website with the certification provided by Watchmaster’s watchmakers.

This certification complements all Rolex watches’ Superlative Chronometer and COSC certifications.

Read about the Watchmaster certification process in detail.

Insurance and Warranty

The shipping is fully insured by the United Parcel Service of the US, and all watches come with a two-year warranty.

Suppose you notice any defects that can be covered by the original warranty provided by Rolex itself (five years from the date of purchase). In that case, you can send your watch to Watchmaster, as they will deal with Rolex on your behalf.

Find the perfect pre-owned Rolex at Watchmaster.

  1. WatchBox

Watchbox is a reputable and reliable luxury watch provider, trusted by thousands of other wristwatch enthusiasts like you.

All watches are owned by “Watchbox” itself, with their motto being, ‘we never tell you to buy a watch we wouldn’t buy ourselves first.’

It is known for being the market leader in Collector Quality watches, features a collection of more than 600 Rolex watches for men, and ensures exemplary customer support so that you are

Flawless Customer Service

WatchBox gives you those facilities that you usually won’t find at luxury wristwatch sellers: a minimum warranty of two years, express shipping and returns free of charge, and the convenience of paying for your pre-owned watch in installments.

Despite buying a second-hand Rolex, you will be receiving a first-class experience.

Ease of Use

No need to look through the whole website to find your desired Rolex.

The website is arranged neatly, with numerous filters like price range, case size, material, brand material, caliber, dial color, and so on.

The detailed filters will single out your desired Rolex right away.

All Rolex watches will have comprehensive descriptions giving you everything you need to know, guaranteeing zero miscommunication.

You can quickly contact the customer service team if you need further clarification.

Take a look at the Rolex collection available at Watchbox.

  1. Crown and Caliber

Crown and Caliber are synonymous with The Smarter Way to Buy or Sell a WatchTM.

Their focus is on removing the stigma around the online purchase of used luxury watches through their unparalleled service and authentic product offerings.

You will be offered an expansive assortment of used Rolex watches at reasonable market rates.


The company buys the timepieces for itself before listing them on the website, so you won’t have to worry about some inauthentic seller trying to scam you through a trusted platform.

All watches are performance-tested by expert watchmakers and are only listed on the website if they are authentic.

Warranty and Returns

Crown and Caliber have a warranty of at least one year on all purchases. This will cover the repair and replacement of the watch or its parts.

The free-return policy is also offered on all purchases: you can apply to return the watch if unsatisfied.

You can send it back, and the company will pay the shipping and in-transit insurance fee.


With over 300 pre-owned Rolex watches available for purchase, Crown and Caliber have watches from all Rolex’s collections.

The prices range from under $3000 to over $20,000, catering to all kinds of budgets.

Most Rolex watches will have official COSCO Certification and Superlative Chronometer Certification papers available, making your purchase convenient.

Complete Transparency

While looking through the collection, you will see all watches with tags of whether their original papers and boxes are available.

If possible, buy a Rolex that is accompanied by its original CSCO and superlative chronometer certifications.

All watches will have detailed descriptions regarding their condition: any scratches, scuffs, or appearance of a light green or brown shade due to oxidation over a while will be revealed to you.

You will also be able to see the results of the company’s quality control check.

Check out the Rolex collection at Crown and Caliber.

  1. Bob’s Watches

Since 1990, Bob’s Watches has been known for being an authentic luxury watch exchange: a popular online marketplace for selling and trading high-end and luxury watches, especially Rolexes.

Its BBB A+ rating, membership of the Jewelers Board of Trade and the International Watch and Jewelers’ Guild, and substantial, loyal customer base testify to its service quality.

With an assortment of more than 700 used Rolex watches, this marketplace will have the right Rolex for you.

Authentication by Watch CSA

All wristwatches listed on Bob’s Watches are authenticated by Watch CSA, an international authority on watch authentication.

Watch CSA is an independent third party that uses AI deep-learning technology to detect fake watches so that your shopping experience is the best.

The Rolex Authenticator Pro offered by Watch CSA can pinpoint a fake Rolex in no time.

Again you can search for specific features that appeal to you, may they be the material of the hour markers, the bezel type, or the dial size.

Terms of Payment

You can pay for your Rolex in installments through Rolex Financing schemes by obtaining a loan of up to 36 months.

Examine the premium collection of Rolex watches at Bob’s Watches.


When buying a Rolex, whether new or pre-owned, remember that it comes with the two critical certifications listed in this article.

If you choose any one of these luxury watch marketplaces, rest assured that you will easily be able to purchase certified used Rolex, with most of them providing you extensive customer support that helps you pick out an authentic watch and also choose which model is the best for you, whether it be for adding to a collection, investment, or simply for personal use.

Please use the comments box below for any comments or questions!

Email us at info@rolexers.com.


2 thoughts on “Certified Used Rolex Watches – Reliable Dealers

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article; I have deliberated over investing in watches for some time now; however, I always tend to back out due to fear of being sold a convincing fake Rolex. With the information provided here, I may revisit this as a potential investment route, secure in the knowledge I can trust the reliable dealers at WatchBox, Crown & Caliber, or Bob’s Watches.

    1. Hi Danny,

      It is always a wise route to invest in a used Rolex watch, especially post-COVID-19, and due to the super high demand for new pieces, the manufacturer does not have one single unit in stock. The waiting list for a new Rolex is 2 to 4 years!

      Accordingly, the used prices will continue to skyrocket with no signs of a decrease in prices for the foreseeable future.



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