Used Rolex In The USA – A Nation’s Favorite

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Rolex In The USA
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Used Rolex In The USA – A Nation’s Favorite

The used Rolex marketplace extends globally, with various authentic sellers offering worldwide shopping.

However, if you’re from America, it’s easier to purchase your used Rolex in the USA, as it’ll be much more convenient in terms of price, shipping time, and legitimacy.

Look at some of the trusted pre-owned Rolex retailers in the USA.

They have a loyal customer base, rigorous testing standards, and excellent customer service.

All their products are authenticated, but if you need assistance in confirming the Rolex you’re about to purchase is real, you can always refer to the Watch Certification Services of America.

Be sure to look for ‘used’ Rolex watches, not just ‘pre-owned’ ones, as the latter can be of two types: unworn and used!

Used Rolex In The USA

1- Mayors:

Mayors are one of Rolex’s official dealers,’ specializing in selling new and pre-owned watches in the USA.

As the company is associated with the Rolex brand, there is no doubt about its authenticity.

You can make your purchase online or visit one of their stores and have your timepiece delivered to you free of cost within 1-3 working days.

Flexible Payment Options

You can defer your payments through either of these two options:

  1. Using Affirm to pay for your Rolex in up to 12 monthly installments. Read about how Affirm financing works for Mayor’s customers.
  2. You can also pay through the Mayor’s credit card to make your financing easier.

Guaranteed Customer Support

If you need advice on what used Rolex to buy, head to their Luxury Virtual Boutique to talk live with one of the Mayor’s in-house experts.

You can easily send your Rolex to any of their outlets if you require servicing or an appraisal.


Suppose you wish to customize your used Rolex. In that case, you can avail of their Luxury Services, which include replacing or adding precious stones, engraving, rhodium plating, and gold and platinum polishing.

Go through the pre-owned Rolex collection available at Mayors.


2- Jomashop:

Jomashop is one of the USA’s leading fashion retailers, catering to pre-owned watch enthusiasts like you.

You will receive the best prices, the widest variety, and customer service.

With over 3,000 pre-owned Rolex watches available, you can find almost any model Rolex has ever made.

You will find it here whether you are looking for a new generation Rolex or a vintage or antique one.

Extensive Variety

You can buy a Rolex from any series, with various watch features like alligator leather, chronographs, timepieces, and ceramic.

You can also look for your desired watch by what outfit you’d like to pair it with sportswear, party wear, or casual attire.


Your watch will have a 1-5 year warranty, covering repairs and parts replacement. To request a repair, you can quickly contact Jomashop and ask for a repair.

Shipping and Returns

Your order will be shipped for free and will be delivered to you within a week of purchase.

If you feel dissatisfied with your purchase, you can initiate the return process within 14 days of your delivery date. Read more about the return and exchange options available.


3- Bob’s Watches:

Known as the luxury watch exchange of America, Bob’s Watches has built a faultless reputation since its launch in 1990.

It’s the perfect online platform for reselling and trading high-end and luxury watches like Rolex.

With more than 700 used Rolexes available for sale, this marketplace will have your desired timepiece.

Again you can search for specific features that appeal to you, whether the material of the hour markers, the bezel type, or the dial size.

WCSA Authentication Certificate

WCSA, or Watch Certification Services of America, is an independent wristwatch certification authority that authenticates all watches before they are sold on Bob’s Watches.

Their AI-powered, web-based software filters out all inauthentic pieces, so you can rest assured that the Rolex you purchase is authentic.

Flexible Payment Plans

You can pay for your pre-owned Rolex in full or monthly installments using Klarna, with installment plans of up to 36 months. 

Find out more about financing your used Rolex at Bob’s Watches.

Look through used Rolexes available at Bob’s Watches.


4- Prestige Time:

Prestige Time is also one of the most trusted brands in the exchange of luxury watches since 1999.

They are located in Airmont, Manhattan, NY, and you can purchase from them online or offline.

Unlike other retailers, Prestige Time clearly describes what it means when a Rolex is labeled ‘near-new,’ ‘excellent,’ or ‘fair.’

You will have a variety of options when it comes to payment, from Affirm installments and wire transfers to credit card and Bitcoin transactions.

High Testing Standards

When it acquires a watch, Prestige Time tests it thoroughly for accuracy and resistance and then services it.

If it has been refinished due to damage, you will know it through the description accompanying it on the website.


Prestige Time is not part of Rolex’s official dealers’ network, so they offer their personalized warranty.

If you buy a new generation Rolex, you will receive a warranty of 1 year, while purchasing a vintage or antique Rolex means a warranty of 6 months.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping is free if you choose the standard FedEx package, and your Rolex will be delivered within 3 working days.

You can opt for quicker same-day or 2-day delivery at an additional cost.

You can return your watch within 7 days of delivery if you have yet to wear it. 

Read more about the return policy here.

Look at Prestige Time’s catalog of used Rolex wristwatches.


These luxury watch retailers are the go-to for most watch enthusiasts in the USA. Their variety, trustworthiness, and excellent customer service make them the ideal choice for buying a used Rolex in the USA.

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2 thoughts on “Used Rolex In The USA – A Nation’s Favorite

  1. Hi Mark,
    Do these retailers have an exchange scheme as well? That is if I want to exchange my Rolex and go for the next-gen one.
    Your review is excellent, providing all information on the retailer’s reputation, payment conditions, etc.- everything I wanted to know before buying a used Rolex.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Hi Rohit,

      Most of the retailers in this review have an exchange scheme. Bob’s Watches come highly recommended as, in my opinion, they have the most flexibility and are super easy to deal with.

      I suggest you contact their customer support, who will professionally guide you through the process.


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