Pre-Owned Rolex Watches For Women – Best Retailers

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Rolex Watches For Women
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Pre-Owned Rolex Watches For Women – Best Retailers

Need to buy pre-owned Rolex watches for women? You’ve come to the right place.

Purchasing a luxury watch in the secondary market can be a tricky business: finding a trustworthy seller who knows what they’re doing, getting the proper guidance on what timepiece to buy, having the same timepiece delivered to you, and getting the appropriate insurance and the right to return your watch if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

All these factors count towards the satisfactory experience of purchasing an authentic Rolex.

Whenever choosing a platform for buying a pre-owned watch, do a three-factor test to see whether it’s trustworthy:

Jennifer Aniston Rolex Datejust Gold


Authentication Of The Timepiece 

With first and second copies of Rolex wristwatches abounding in the market, you need to be sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

How do you do that? Read carefully through the product description of the watch you’re interested in buying, and check for an authentication label.

This label means that a certified watchmaker has inspected the watch and has confirmed that it is indeed a genuine Rolex.

1- Adequate Customer Support:

Shopping online means we often buy what we didn’t pay for: some missed details, inaccurate descriptions, or an item that we now feel doesn’t go with our personality.

The distress is more significant if you pay a premium for a luxury product like Rolex.

A good retailer will have a team of experts available that will be ready to help you find out your required measurements, like wrist size, dial size, and the like.

They will also provide consistent after-sales support so that the customer support team can refund your payment if the buyer sells you something you didn’t sign up for or something that doesn’t live up to your taste.

2- Warranty Provision:

Make sure you purchase your pre-owned Rolex from a seller offering a warranty of at least one year.

Since you’re making a significant lifestyle investment, it must come with a safety net.

Secondly, warranty repairs are of two types: those done with original parts and those done with secondhand ones.

If you prefer the former option, ensure that your seller provides it.

If not, you can purchase from one seller and get it serviced by another.

3- Luxury Watch Exchanges You Can Trust:

You have to be vigilant while buying a pre-owned Rolex, as it can be easy to get scammed unless you’re not an expert watchmaker.

These are some of the platforms that pass the three-factor test mentioned above:

  • International Watch Company: an Official Rolex Distributer

The most prominent players in the luxury watch exchange market are authentic.

You can buy your pre-owned women’s Rolex from an official distributor like the International Watch Company, authorized to sell brand-new Rolex watches.

This will give you the peace of mind that your timepiece is authentic, as your seller will be an official partner with Rolex and will not be allowed to keep fakes.

  • In-Depth Quality Checks

When the IWC acquires a Rolex, its watchmakers make it as good as new through an extensive restoration process.

It starts with the servicing of the movement and an overhaul of the movement if required.

Then, the watch is cleaned and lubricated, replacing any damaged parts with the original ones.

Finally, a 30-point check, including underwater and magnetization testing, is conducted to ensure that every single component is original.

Women’s Rolex at IWC:

From the classic Lady Datejust to the Cellini Orchid that makes a statement, IWC has it all.

Various women’s Rolexes are available: simple and cheaper ones that come in Oyster steel with modest dials and ones made of precious metals like gold and platinum, with their dials and bezels decorated with diamonds.

You can purchase a ‘new’ pre-owned Rolex, a Rolex that any of its owners haven’t used, or a used pre-owned Rolex.

See the pre-owned Rolex watch collection available at International Watch Company.

Blowers Jewelers:

Blowers Jewelers is a famous stockist of luxury timepieces and horology accessories for the international community of luxury wristwatch aficionados.

With a legacy of operating successfully for the past 52 years, it has provided its customers with excellent service.

It focuses on building lifetime relationships with them.

Their in-house experts will assist you in deciding which women’s Rolex to purchase through an online appointment so that you can find the perfect Rolex for yourself in no time.

The Rolex watches for ladies available here are affordable, authentic, and numerous.

Their entire collection on the website is available in their main outlet in Mayfair, UK.

You can book an appointment to check them out in person.

Shipping and Returns

All watches will have a warranty of at least one year. International shipping is available and accessible if the delivery address is within the UK.

You can return your Rolex within 14 days of the delivery date, provided that you haven’t worn it or haven’t removed any seals or tags.

The watch will be inspected upon return, and you will be refunded within 48 hours.

Pre-Owned Rolex Watches For Women

Women’s Rolex Watches at Blower’s Jewelers 

Women’s watches will be available in all models.

The Women’s Oyster Perpetual Date, Oyster Perpetual Bi-metal Datejust, Everose Gold Datejust, and the Ice-blue Cosmograph Daytona are some of the beautiful timepieces for women at Blower’s Jewelers.

See the Rolex collection available at Blowers Jewelers.

Swiss Watch Expo

Swiss Watch Expo specializes in selling luxury Swiss watches to wristwatch enthusiasts like you worldwide and is known for providing the Best-Deal Guarantee.

The assurance that you will receive an authentic luxury timepiece at a reasonable price, alongside exceptional pre-sales and post-sales customer support.

All watches are authenticated and restored meticulously.

If any customizations are made while restoring the watch, they are fully disclosed to the buyer.

BuySAFE Seal

Their timepieces bear the BuySAFE Seal of Approval, a testimony to their authenticity and transparency.

Your purchase will be secured by a surety bond of up to $25,000 issued by BuySAFE.

Variety of Women’s Watches

With over 6,000 women’s watches in stock, this retailer will have the women’s Rolex in need.

There are seven categories of women’s Rolex watches: Cellini, cocktail, Yacht-Master, Pearlmaster, President, Date, Date-just, No-date, and Mid-size.

They will cater to all budgets, as you can find many simple and classic models if you need to watch your pocket and various high-end ones with precious stones and metals.

Payment and Shipping

You can either pay for your watch upfront or through installments using Affirm. Shipping will be free of charge within the US and available worldwide.

Warranty and Returns

All watches will have a warranty of 18 months. If you need to get it repaired or checked, their team will help you through the entire process, demonstrating their excellent customer service.

Read more about the warranty provided to see what damages are not covered free of cost.

Browse through the Swiss Watch Expo’s collection of women’s Rolex watches.


Being the first-ever stockist of Rolex in the UK, Goldsmiths has been in the luxury timepiece business of Rolex watches since 1919.

Their expertise in watch restoration means that all their watches will be in stellar condition, no matter how old or worn-out they may be before it comes to Goldsmiths.

If you wish to buy your Rolex from their outlets, you can use their store locator to see which outlet is nearest to you.

Customization Services

They also offer customization of luxury timepieces, so if you want to get your Rolex engraved with something meaningful or add a strap that matches your taste, you can easily do so.

Payment, Shipping, and Returns

Depending on its value, you can pay for your Rolex in installments ranging from 6 to 48 months.

The payment can be made through various means, including Apple Pay and PayPal. Read more about the payment options that you can avail.

Shipping will be without additional cost in the UK.

At the same time, a return can be initiated within 14 days of the delivery date.

You can return your pre-owned Rolex if you feel dissatisfied with it, no questions asked!

Look at the women’s Rolexes available at Goldsmiths.

An Abundance Of Choices!

Investing in a women’s Rolex is always a great idea, whether new or pre-owned, as it always retains its value over time.

Stay alert while buying from the secondary market, and check for authentication and certifications.

In this article, you can explore various options for you to buy pre-owned Rolex watches for women from any retailer, as they are all known for their trustworthiness in the market.

If you have any queries, please ask us in the comments below.

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